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Salt Assault



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Simply the best!

During our extensive testing, this formula blew our minds. A touchless wash, ridiculous shine and strong salt decontamination for flushing - all in one ultra concentrated bottle.

It comes in a 500 mL bottle because you will only use 30 mL to wash most vehicles. It truly is Ultra Concentrated!

Love it or your money back.

The every day, every machine, assault wash option!



Want more details?


This is the latest fifth generation touchless wash product, the best available in the industry. It is made with a variety of unique polymer surfactants and refined by advanced nano-synthesis technology.

This product has incredible decontamination ability. It easily dissolves dirt, oil and salt. It will leave surfaces with a protective coating that adds shine and an antistatic effect. 


1. Shake the bottle and add 30 mL to your Salt Assault Gun and hose down your machine.

2. If the machine is very contaminated, lightly rub with an Assault Wash Glove.

3. Ideally, wait a minute or two then rinse it off!

 If using a bucket and sponge, again, you only need a very small amount!


1. Don’t waste it, use only a small amount.

2. Rinse very hot surfaces with water before applying.

3. It can temporarily stain skin and fabric, so rinse it off in a timely manner.

4. Do not mix with other wash products.

5. It has a 3-year shelf life.

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