Salt Assault Background

Tony Blair, founder of Salt Assault, is nicknamed by friends as the “machine whisperer”.

So how does someone end up earning that nickname? 

Tony is a 30-year Air Force veteran fighter/bomber pilot with more than 6000 hours flying on military aircraft such as the F111 and Hawk along with stunt aerobatic aircraft including the Edge 540, Extra 300 and Rebel 300.


Tony built a Harmon Rocket in his garage with his wife and took her touring around the country at over 400 Km/hour. He maintained that aircraft and later imported a dedicated aerobatic aircraft. This was stripped, rebuilt and upgraded. It included a hot-rodded engine with machined decks, pistons and extensive use of ceramic coatings. Quite radical in the conservative aviation space!


Tony competed in aerobatic competition and with a ground level aerobatic approval, toured the Airshow scene in Australia and overseas.


As a teenager, Tony built his first car from an empty shell – motor and all. The motor was a stout Cleveland V8 with nitrous, not bad for a teenager. But such was life in Geelong – home of Ford.

Before this and throughout his life, Tony was a dedicated motorcycle racer. Growing up in a moto-cross family, he was rebuilding engines and racing at A-grade level in his early high-school years. Later he raced road bikes, both Superbike and Supersport. He won the QLD Road Race State Championships in 2014.


Tony established a dyno tuning facility in Brisbane and owned it for 5 years before selling the business. Custom street race and dirt bike tuning; fuel injection mapping; and servicing, was a daily activity. Tony worked the Dyno Shop full time for a year while taking a mid-career break from Air Force life.

Other experience was gained at various points including a season of go-kart racing, drag car building (V8 powered Capris), big boosting WRXs, some adult MX racing, outboard ski boats and a stunt biking addiction on modified road sports bikes.


Tony’s last role in Air Force was Executive Officer (Airport Manager) of Amberley – Australia’s largest Air Base. He was responsible for daily capability delivery of aircraft and base support systems. The Base relies on a plethora of other machinery and the support services to keep airpower running - fire trucks, cars, 4WDs, cargo loaders, runway sweepers, fuel trucks, mess facilities, weapons facilites, sports facilities and the like. Amberley was awarded Australian Air Base of the year in 2015 under Tony's leadership.


In more recent times there has been room for watercraft, such is Queensland life. Tony supercharged a Chev powered jet sprint boat and has built several carbon-fibre freestyle jet-skis with billet competition motors. Now in his mid 50s, Tony is still pretty handy on a freestyle jet-ski – riding at the Gold Coast 500 in 2022. Seaworld sourced Tony to setup and maintain their freestyle jet-skis. Working as "Tony's Garage", Tony has had a hand on most of the high end stand up jet-skis in SE Queensland. His knowledge and setup skills are often in demand for all types of machines. 


Tony is fortunate to have widespread experience with some of the most high-end machines available anywhere. Such machines demand respect. Salt Assault relies on this lifelong experience and knowledge to make insightful products available for your machine. 

Welcome to Salt Assault!